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This website is about cyber-privatizing your web server, your domain name, and your business.  Cyber-Privatizing is a term of art that goes beyond just having a private domain name.  It includes making it impossible for people to find your ecommerce or other website's physical location, gaining access to your email storage, even the access ways you use to contact the Internet, they become protected by our ID SHIELD and GEOLOCATION SHIELD.  So long as you are not engaging in anything criminal, will be there to help you avoid being interfered with.

All we really have is our privacy anyway.  So why conform to the "open standards" of the "normative culture", privacy means safety! Contact us in writing or by email if you need more information..  Note, security necessitates all transactions be in writing or by email.  Include your phone number and one of our in house reps will contact you.

If you are Law Enforcement or need information about serving a civil or criminal subpoena, please click here.

  (and Hosting!)
  Your domain is registered in the name of
so our contact information is made public -- not yours. 
Then, additional privacy options may be applied depending upon need. We don't disclose those additional options, but we call them "Cyber Ablative Armor", and they constitute the primary added privacy our Privacy by Proxy Propriety Technology works, and they are very harsh for intruders, con artists and thieves to get past, they simply CAN'T.

Private Hosting involves a more deliberate implementation we do not
describe here. Suffice to say, depending upon need, we use a wide variety of
unusual measures to insure your Hosting site is not physically locatable by
Hackers, Intruders, Con Artists, Thieves, we can even protect your back office
from access by untrusted workers.
You retain the FULL BENEFITS of domain registration and Hosting.
You can:
cancel, sell, renew or transfer your domain; set-up the name
servers for, and resolve disputes involving, your domain.

You can:
develop, run and manager your website, and all other resources except for those used to blockade danger, are readily available to you and your developers.

  We create a private email address or addresses for your domain. You tell us to forward, not forward, or filter messages for spam before forwarding. More..
  We protect your identity and only reveal it if correctly subpoena'd or if
there is an open requirement caused by special situations.
  A private registration will:

Stop domain-related spam.
Deter identity theft and fraud.
Stop harassers, stalkers and data miners cold in their tracks!
Protect your "moonlighting" identity.
Maintain the privacy of you and your family.

  But don't even think about using our services to break the law!


  Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.
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